King's Coronation Sensory Activities

It's almost time to celebrate the king's coronation! What better way to celebrate than engaging in some fun sensory activities themed around the coronation? Let the kids get creative and make some handmade coronation projects to keep for years to come!

1. Sensory Hand Painting

Whip out the paint and grab some paper before taking a shot at creating some hand painted posters! Try making different shapes out of handprints, such as crowns, scepters, thrones or even try recreating Buckingham Palace. Hand painting is a great way to engage in sensory play. Not only does it introduce children to the sensation of paint, but it's also a great way to teach them about colours and shapes.

2. Sensory Bunting

If you like the idea of having some more handmade decorations for the coronation, take a try at making some bunting. In order to make create bunting a little more sensory oriented, try using different materials for each flag. For example, try making a union jack out of glitter, then use pom-poms to make a crown on another. The possibilities are endless!

3. Lollipop Characters

Another fun activity that is perhaps a little less messy! Start out by drawing faces onto a lollipop stick, then try out different materials to make the lollipops look like different royal figures! See how creative you can get with these little characters and how recognisable you can make them!

There's plenty of ways to celebrate the coronation and these are only a few of the fun sensory activities that you and the kids can get up to! There's never a bad time to engage in sensory play and there's no wrong way to do it, either. The coronation is a once in a lifetime event that can be enjoyed with the whole family, so don't be afraid to jump into some sensory fun in order to celebrate!

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