Craft Activities for Kids at Home: Why Slime is An Increasingly Popular Choice

Apr 29 , 2021

Craft Activities for Kids at Home: Why Slime is An Increasingly Popular Choice

Slime has been around long before the craze took off in 2016!

It’s no longer the green gunk you would see on films like Robin William’s Flubber!

There are now more than 3 million #slime Instagram posts which makes it very clear exactly just how popular the craft activity and internet sensation is.

Find out more about the benefits of slime and why it is one of the most popular craft activities for kids at home below:

Why Are Craft Activities for Kids So Important?

  • Fine motor skills - as your child uses their hands to mould and manipulate in craft activities at home, they are developing their fine motor skills. These skills teach your child how to do things like move their hands at the same to tie their shoe laces!

  • Sensory skills - using their smell, touch, vision, hearing, balance, proprioception (body awareness), vestibular (inner ear), and taste are vital skills for your child and can be built from a young age.

  • Creativity - craft activities at home are perfect for getting your child to unlock their inner creativity! Thinking about and considering their finished outcome allows them to build on their creative confidence.

  • Concentration - working on sensory skills with craft activities can vastly improve your child’s concentration and focus levels as they learn to block out irrelevant noises and distractions.

  • Bonding with parents and friends - as a parent we love spending time with our children doing something they love; crafts provide a time to do just that! Setting time aside for things like slime and mud kitchens might seem insignificant but will make a big impact on your relationship in the future.

What Are the Different Types of Slime?

There are so many different types of slime to choose from when selecting a craft activity at home for your children!

Fluffy slime

An amazing sensory slime using a secret ingredient, shaving foam.

Glitter slime

A sparkly version perfect for children with a liking for messier play.

Cloud slime 

Feels just like a fluffy cloud!

Glow in the dark slime

This is particularly fun for a party, bonfire night or Halloween special.

Butter slime

Doesn't actually involve butter! A softer slime, idea for little hands.

Edible slime

Sweet and sticky, what’s not for kids to like?

Clear slime

Fun to involve other favourite toys and even food colouring!

How to Make Slime

Slime is primarily made from PVA and glue and a special activator. You can also include added extras such as lotion, fragrance oils, pigments, glitter, shaving foam, clay, instant snow and foaming soap.

The simplest way to make and enjoy slime at home is by purchasing a slime making kit which comes ready packed with all the instructions on how to make DIY slime at home.

Slime Party UK’s DIY slime kits are massively popular as you get to enjoy the process of actually creating your kid’s favourite toy at home with them!

Our supplies page offers a whole range of added extras to add even more excitement to crafting at home. Let your kid’s creativity run wild with sprinkles, charms and beads.

What Makes Slime So Popular with Kids (and Parents)?!

The slime obsession took off when viral videos of the texture and noise of slime appeared on the internet.

Whether it is the chemistry behind making it or the crafting with the finished product itself, it’s clear to see that kids love slime! It’s also easy to see why parents are happy to watch their children enjoy such a creative and harmless hobby!


First and foremost, the best part of slime for both children and their parents is simply how fun it is to play with. The sound, smell and texture of slime makes for a sensory masterclass. Your child is learning and developing without even realising it!

It’s Affordable

With the past year meaning we have to find more and more ways of entertaining our children at home, we could always do with a few more cost-effective ideas!

Slime Party UK provide the best craft products at the most affordable prices.

It’s Easy to Store

Slime can easily be placed in an airtight container, preferably in the fridge to keep the temperature cool. As long as you make sure no added extras can get into contact with your slime, it should stay fresh and clean for the next play!

It Makes a Great Gift

Children and adults alike love slime so it makes for a universally popular gift!

Our Sweet & Slime boxes in particular are a popular choice for birthdays of all ages. Slime Party UK’s Little Hands boxes are also a great introduction to the wonderful world of slime for younger recipients.

It’s an Internet Phenomenon

Slime has taken over social media in recent years.

TikTok trends and Instagram hashtags have been overloaded with slime making and playing videos.

Research shows that the trend has become so popular due to how much contact children now have with electronics such as tablets and smartphones.

“Children in general are getting less sensory and tactile input... Slime has come in to take the place of those activities” as explained by Art Therapist Nadia Jenefsky.

How to Order Slime Online

Ordering slime online is the easiest and tidiest way of getting slime in your house ready for play time!

Here at Slime Party UK, we offer an extensive range of slimes, suppliesslime making kits and more. We are proud to be one of few companies that produce all of our products right here in the UK!

Whether your little crafters want jelly cubes, jewel bombs, mystery bundles or even light up slime, we have everything available. We even offer free delivery on orders over £30!

To have a browse or make an order, visit our homepage here.

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